Restrooms around School

hey all restroom goers!

How i am going to blog and rate
How clean(Smell, cleanliness) it was:
How empty:
Overall comments and concerns:
I attend Valley Forge Christian College in Phoenixville Pa. Its a wonderful campus and im taking up Psychology!
Okay anyway on to business! there are plenty of bathrooms around campus that i have been to. The first i would like to talk about is the one near the Flower Chapel (a place of worship and sanctuary). That bathroom is clean and i love it. Its very quiet as well. you dont have to worry about too many interruptions. Its busy right after chapel (11:00am-1130am) so you might get freaked out if you dont like alot of people in the bathroom. It always smells nice and its great place to think. Only draw back, if youre in there too long the motion sensor lights will turn off (been in there when it happend)

total bathroom rating 8/10


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